MBA: Check...Beer: Check!

It is done! I have finished my latest academic endeavor. I now have an MBA. The reality of it all has not sunk in yet. My grade actually posted a little while ago for my final class.

Through all of this, Beth and the kids have given me more support than I really deserve. There were several times when I had to bring my laptop on vacations in order to keep up with classes. They would give me a little grief every now and then. That was the exception, instead of the rule.

I am going to take a good long break from school to focus on my career. I just started a new role in capital equipment procurement late last year. There is still a great deal to learn about my new position. I am actually thinking about pursuing a certification of some sort. The Institute of Supply Management offers a Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) program that my new boss suggested.

Yahoo!!!! I am done!

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