Back on track

I went to Bridge City last weekend with Beth and the kids. I saw my sister's grave for the first time since the funeral. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it might be. It was sobering. My mom has done a great job of decorating the site with mementos. The headstone is beautiful. How could it not be? It has a picture of my sister on it. The rest of the trip was great as well. We had a party for the June birthdays at Dad’s house with burgers and dogs.

Beth and I went to the track Saturday morning to run. It seems like my old high school stadium shrunk. I remember thinking how huge it was the first time I stepped on that field for 7th grade football. The track was bright red when I was there. We are the Cardinals so it made sense. It is black now. It is a little depressing.


Joel Lack said...

I remember when they first installed that track and we got to run on it in the inter-elementary playday track meet. It was the best track in the region, bright colors and soft to the touch. I remember running my 6th grade mile barefoot it was so comfortable.

BTW, black was the color of LCM's track. Is this treason? Or has that rivaly faded with the reclassification?

Ben W. Brumfield said...

Black was the color of my true rival's track...

Hmm. It just doesn't seem to go as well as hair, I don't think.