Running with the boys

I went on a run yesterday with the boys. They were riding their bikes while I tried to keep up. I let Jax take the lead and he took us all over the neighborhood trying to find what he called “new places we’ve never seen before”. During the first few minutes, my Garmin 301 kept beeping at me, but I ignored it. I thought it was a low battery beep since I didn’t turn on the interval training or virtual partner. About the third time I glanced down at it to find that I was running at 7:45 per mile and the Garmin was telling me to slow down.

To put things in perspective, I usually do my training runs at 8:45 to 9:00 per mile with a walk break periodically. I was more focused on keeping the boys out of the traffic than my pacing. As a result we had to cut the run short to only 2.75 miles since they wiped me out in the beginning. I guess I should set the goal to keep pace with them rather than making them slow down to stay with me. It wasn’t too long ago that I would not let them go with me because they couldn’t keep up with my slow pace. They’re growing so fast it’s just amazing.

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