Getting to know Halliburton

It has been a while since I have posted and for a very good reason. The item consuming my mind for the past few months was the impending transition to Houston and Halliburton. I couldn’t very well spill the beans here and have the world know too soon.

I am officially in the Oil & Gas industry now. I was able to go to one of the many Halliburton facilities today to see a tool that is in development. The guys who knew what they were looking at were very excited. As the newbie, I was just excited to see anything at all. What a different world this is going to be. So far I am having a blast and learning a lot. As long as that continues, I’ll be fine.

Having Beth and the kids still in Austin is not at all the ideal situation, but it seems to working so far. The house in Kyle will sell soon. We keep telling each other that. We both know it will be over soon.

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Rig Daddy said...

Good stuff....Todd wants know where you are going in Asia